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The Path to Aging Gracefully (PDF Format)

Begin your Path to Aging Gracefully today!

Walk along the Path to Aging Gracefully with your Guide Bernadette Sakiyama who will show you the way toward being open and curious, to explore what is possible for body, mind, and grace, in your own unique journey.

What a year this has been! I took charge and empowered myself to go from fear, self-doubt, and apprehension to believing I could achieve my goal in writing my first book, My Path to Aging Gracefully.

If you’re going through any of these things, then you need an Aging Gracefully guide:

  • Decrease in energy
  • Coping with change
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Desiring purpose, wellness, and grace in your life

Taking the first step toward being open and curious, to explore what is possible for body, mind, and soul can be challenging without a guide and a map that’s where The Path to Aging Gracefully Book comes in.



Your Guide and Author

Bernadette Sakiyama inspired by her own journey to take charge and empower her life. Inspired by her Pilgrimage on the Camino she created an amazing guide with clear signs on how to help you navigate your own unique journey.

We’ve all desired to accomplish that once-in-a-lifetime goal but in life’s business we keep our hopes and dreams on the sidelines and no longer believe it’s possible to achieve them.


Many people perceive aging as no longer being open and curious to what is possible and giving in to what they think they are supposed to do or think. It’s time to take charge!


Here is some of what you’ll find in The Path to Aging Gracefully:

  • Taking charge and empower yourself
  • Explore what is possible for body, mind, and soul
  • Discovering how to live life with purpose, wellness, and grace, in your own unique journey
  • Believing in yourself with confidence


Three years ago, approaching her 60th birthday, Bernadette questioned her physical, mental, and spiritual abilities, struggling with self-doubt, fear her age to accomplish the lofty goal of hiking fifteen days on El Camino de Santiago. Believing she could achieve this once-in-a lifetime experience, she did just that.


It all began with taking charge, being open and curious, to explore what is possible for body, mind, and soul. She lives her life with purpose, wellness and grace walking her own unique journey.


"The path to aging gracefully doesn’t happen on the sidelines, it happens by taking charge to explore what is possible."
-Bernadette Sakiyama-